CROWDFUNDING: ART ABSCONs: Nach allen Regeln der Kunst (vinyl, release date TBA)

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Art Abscon's forthcoming album, 'Nach allen Regeln der Kunst', is still in production. I am scheduling a release for late 2020/early 2021. If you purchase this album now (preorder), you will receive your vinyl as soon as it will be hot from the press, including a digital download in any format you like.

By preordering this album before it is even finished, you will help me finance the music production and the pressing. It will also help me to plan the number of copies to be pressed.

To thank you for this leap of faith, I will provide you with all kinds of digital bonus material, such as unreleased demos, outtakes, mini albums, etc. that I will send you during the production process.

If I will - for whatever reason - not manage to finish this album, I will, of course, refund you your money you paid for this preorder. I am, however, positive, that Grandmaster Abscon will prevent such a disaster and spare me such embarassment.

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